Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are Tracking a Subspace Intellectual Dampening Wave.

This is Ken Parker, Executive Officer of the Starship USS Augusta Ada.

This ship is registered in Region 4 of Starfleet, with the commanding officer of Heather Stern. We meet, generally on 4th Saturdays in San Francisco, at a Pizza parlor, though the day of the week is in doubt at this moment.

I am currently residing in Seattle, which is in Region 5 of Starfleet.

I would like to report a vast, subspace wave enveloping the Planet Earth. I started seeing this in my DreamShuttle, via long range sensors, back in 2004, but way off, and only slightly affecting people here. But it's been coming closer and closer, until the last election, when Obama won.

And now, it appears to have enveloped Earth.

What are the characteristics of this wave? Well, it seems to dampen the Human Intellect, but in strange, varying ways.

For example, there are some Republican Governors, who want to refuse the latest financial Stimulus funds, because it might make them operate in a different way than they currently do. Never mind that, due to planetary financial issues, those states have high unemployment, high foreclosure rates, and lots of people without health insurance. So, when the help is offered, they refuse?

The issue is that normal laws of logic do not seem to matter now with the Republican Party. Did they before? Partly. But we could have seen this earlier, like when President Bush vetoed the S-Chip bill, which would have afforded health care to more children, while, at the same time, demanding the Iraq funding without any strings attached.

So let us hope that there is help for these life forms who call themselves Republicans, so that they can get their intellect back.

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