Friday, April 13, 2012

These are the Voyages of the Starship Augusta Ada

We explore Subspace, looking for friendly life forms to contact, especially of the Open Source Computer variety.  We hold meetings, generally on the 3rd Sunday of the Month, at a San Francisco Pizza parlor.  Food is enjoyed, opinions exchanged, people get notified, and life goes on.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are Tracking a Subspace Intellectual Dampening Wave.

This is Ken Parker, Executive Officer of the Starship USS Augusta Ada.

This ship is registered in Region 4 of Starfleet, with the commanding officer of Heather Stern. We meet, generally on 4th Saturdays in San Francisco, at a Pizza parlor, though the day of the week is in doubt at this moment.

I am currently residing in Seattle, which is in Region 5 of Starfleet.

I would like to report a vast, subspace wave enveloping the Planet Earth. I started seeing this in my DreamShuttle, via long range sensors, back in 2004, but way off, and only slightly affecting people here. But it's been coming closer and closer, until the last election, when Obama won.

And now, it appears to have enveloped Earth.

What are the characteristics of this wave? Well, it seems to dampen the Human Intellect, but in strange, varying ways.

For example, there are some Republican Governors, who want to refuse the latest financial Stimulus funds, because it might make them operate in a different way than they currently do. Never mind that, due to planetary financial issues, those states have high unemployment, high foreclosure rates, and lots of people without health insurance. So, when the help is offered, they refuse?

The issue is that normal laws of logic do not seem to matter now with the Republican Party. Did they before? Partly. But we could have seen this earlier, like when President Bush vetoed the S-Chip bill, which would have afforded health care to more children, while, at the same time, demanding the Iraq funding without any strings attached.

So let us hope that there is help for these life forms who call themselves Republicans, so that they can get their intellect back.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

MSR Report for USS Augusta Ada, NCC-55011, for September, 2008


Status Report for month of: September, 2008

From: USS Augusta Ada
Registry: NCC-55011
Chapter Type: Meeting
Region: 4

Prev meeting: September 27, 2008 (4th Saturday) at a Place in San
Francisco that serves food (Pizza?)
Next meeting: October 25, 2008 (4th Saturday) at either Quark's Bar and
Grill on Deep Space Nine or a Pizza place in San Francisco. We haven't
decided yet.

Chapter newsletter: None
Last Publication Date: N/A

Commanding officer: Captain Heather Stern
Mailing Address: 903 Harriet
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 408-374-7623
E-mail Address:
OTS/OCC Status: OTS, ? and OCC, ?

Executive Officer: Captain Kenneth Parker
Mailing Address: 1524 Melrose Ave. #201
Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-324-2310
E-Mail Address: or
OTS/OCC Status: OTS, Feb, 1999 and OCC, Mar, 2000

City of Charter: San Francisco, California
Chapter Mail Address: c/o Heather Stern
903 Harriet
Campbell, CA 95008
Chapter E-mail Address:
Chapter Website URL:

Shuttles: None

Promotions, DSA's and/or Citations: None

Academy Graduates: None

Activities: Our regular meeting was held at a San Francisco Pizza
parlor. It turned into a powwow between
the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer in how to repair the
communications systems.

The business portion of this meeting was short, mentioning goings on
in Starfleet itself.

There were conventions mentioned, as well as a little conversation
about how backward
planets handle changes in who is in charge.

Note that it's always fun to watch our political situation from a
Star Trek perspective. I
will leave it up to the readers to figure out what Star Trekkie
planets our current presidential
candidates might have come from.

We created a new section today on our agenda, but could not agree on
a name for it.
It had to do with a dream I had, which could easily become a science
fiction book.
This dream was of a Time Explosion. Fair enough. We all know about
physical explosions.
Put some dynamite in front of my body and set it off, and my body
doesn't like it at all! Seems
that the heart loses track of where the liver is, and the brain gets
quite upset about the entire
situation. In many cases, this could lead to a tunnel with a light
in front, with dead relatives (or Q)
asking me why I couldn't simply move away from the dynamite while
the fuse was still burning.
You know how it is? Nobody seems to have any respect anymore.

So, several nights ago, I had the most fascinating dream. Here I
was, watching TV, minding my
own business when suddenly, there's something that looks like broken
glass all over the place.
However, when I looked into any of them, I saw myself, but in a
slightly different scene -- some
in my kitchen, some in my bathroom, some walking downtown, some on
the bus, and so on.

There was something extremely unusual about this, quite disquieting
experience of mine. Things
finally calmed down and I could look around. I immediately went
into a state where I was aware
of myself in bed, while I was flying around the cosmos in a
completely comfortable body. (In other
words, there wasn't the usual disruption of bodily function that
might occur when you are tossed
out of an Airlock). In fact, unlike the physical explosion a couple
of paragraphs ago, this time
explosion didn't hurt at all. I was able to view the entire thing,
quite comfortable, and with quite
a bit of fascination! This was more vivid than any other dream in
my life!!! It was as if I had a core,
the person who was in bed at the time, who finally got up and wrote
this in my Journal. Another
difference between this and normal dreams: Normal dreams fade away.
This one made me
feel actually more and more strong, as I assimilate all of these
versions of myself. I remind
people that I'm exploring other universes in where you can
get the first 11 pages of a new book I am writing in PDF format from
the early BLOG posts.

Note that our Comm Systems are still out of whack. I am attempting
to remedy
this by adding a BLOG site: as an
to our normal site, (which is run by our
These Monthly Status Reports will be posted on this BLOG site, by
the way.

Problems: Mainly me! I did submit this MSR late, after all.

Starfleet Roster: Kenneth Parker, SCC-52443
David Benfell, SCC-52582
Heather Stern, SCC-49741
Steven Okay, SCC-53725
James Dennis, SCC-54405
Ancilla Allsman, SCC-54536
Andrey Kuznetsov
Others to be determined.

Executive officer: Captain Kenneth Parker
Date: October 7, 2008

Reporting officer: Captain Kenneth Parker
Date: October 7, 2008


Best Regards,

Ken Parker, XO, USS Augusta Ada, NCC-55011, Region 4.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Meeting on Saturday, September 26, 2008

Hello folks,

I assume that the USS Augusta Ada will hold a meeting on Saturday, September 26, 2008.

Our meetings are on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Visit our regular website.

Best regards,

Ken Parker, XO, USS Augusta Ada, NCC-55011, Region 4

House Republicans in United States Congress compared to Lemmings!


Before I get to a great line I just heard on MSNBC this morning, I'll paraphrase something I vaguely heard yesterday, while I was trying to get some housekeeping work done. I think they were discussing one of the amendments that the Republicans wanted to put in the Bailout plan -- something along the lines that the affected homeowners would be forced to purchase Mortgage Insurance to guarantee their ability to pay off their adjustable Mortgage loans! Please, can somebody dredge this up for me and respond as a Comment? Thanks in advance.

As I started writing this BLOG post, I was watching Senator Harry Reid and Senator and Senator Chris Dodd holding a press conference, which was covered, at least on CNN and MSNBC. But the line of the day goes to MSNBC newscaster Mike Viqueira: "It is essential that democrats have at least the leadership of the House Republicans and a significant number of House Republicans to come along and join hands and jump off this cliff - that's the only way this is going to get done as the world anxiously watches these behind the scenes machinations on Capitol Hill".

I'm sorry, but this is fun to watch. I probably "shouldn't feel happy while the country is going down the tubes", but I do! This is funnier than the story line at the beginning of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams, where the Earth is demolished to make way for a Hyperspace Byway.

View my Political BLOG.

Best regards,

Ken Parker in Seattle, Washington

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

USS Augusta Ada

Ken Parker here, Executive Officer for the USS Augusta Ada.

This is an Adjunct site to our regular website, in an effort to clear up some communications difficulties that have been occuring lately.

There will be more later, after I meet with my captain.